What kind of project information will I receive?

We supply all relevant project information as it becomes available: hotel type and category, full address, hotel owner/operator company, number of rooms, investment figure, scheduled opening date, current project status and all relevant contacts!

Our TOPHOTELCHAINS database gives you detailed personnel data from over 1,300 leading hotel chains.

What type of contacts do I receive in each project data sheet?

We constantly trawl for the latest relevant supply contacts from the following groups: “Owner” (investor, owner, consultant), “Project Director” (contractor, interior designer, architect, developer, project management company) and “Operator” (hotel company, franchise, hotel management company, pre-opening office). In every case we try to pinpoint the decision maker for you, or at least provide a good start!

How does TOPHOTELPROJECTS obtain all this project data and how up-to-date is the information?

Our company employs (20) specialist researchers who are tasked full-time to research and update the project data on the TOPHOTELPROJECTS database. We are in direct contact with investors, project developers and hotel operators and we are tapped into all the relevant media, business information services and other online resources.

This information is constantly updated and added to the TOPHOTELPROJECTS and TOPHOTELCHAINS databases, providing vital, accurate information to inform the sales efforts of our subscribers 24/7.

Couldn’t I research the project data myself?

In theory – yes, you could. But it would take a long, long time. If you start looking for ‘hotel projects’ in Google for example, you will get a lot of results – around 195,000,000! The information you need might be there somewhere…

Meanwhile our research continues, looking in the right places and through direct communication with Investors, Developers, Operators, Architects and Designers. Regularly verified and efficiently compiled to give you instant and reliable access to comprehensive, accurate sales lead data. All registered projects are regularly checked and verified and any relevant developments are instantly added.

Researching each project involves hours of qualified labour. Subscribing to TOPHOTELPROJECTS means you outsource this weary work process to us so you save time and money and can focus on developing your business in this sector.

What statuses are the hotel projects presented in?

All projects are recorded according to the following statuses:

  • in progress
  • delayed
  • cancelled
  • open

Our projects remain on the database for 3 months after their official opening.


A project ‘vision’ is a project data sheet that so far does not contain sufficient data according to our quality standards, i.e. insufficient back-up data for a final project recording. All ‘vision’ projects remain under close observation so they can be instantly updated should their status change.

What happens if I come across incorrect project data?

Each project is verified and updated in accordance to a very specific resubmission process. This includes the validation of, for example, the opening date or the completion of relevant project contacts.

If you spot any conflicting or incomplete project and/or contact data, please let us know. We will immediately check and update the respective project data set.

Do you have all global hotel projects registered in the database?

All our recurrent comparative analysis confirms that TOPHOTELPROJECTS holds valid project data information on nearly all upcoming hotel projects in the top end of the hotel market (luxury, first class, middle class hotel).

If you spot any inaccurate or incomplete project and/or contact data, please let us know. We will immediately check and update the respective project data set.

Will I find the appropriate contact person for my product/service portfolio?

The hotel construction and development business is a highly dynamic and complex business where every project has a unique decision making cycle.

Specific contractual agreements between the investor, the general contractor as well as other sub-contracted companies mean there are different approaches for each project.

Other factors include the Hotel Operator or the Central Purchasing Unit monitoring the potentially pre-set equipment standards for its FF&E (Furniture, Fittings & Equipment) and OS&E (Operation Service & Equipment). Additionally, Architects and Interior Designers will influence the process. And then there’s the Consultants, Project Managers, Pre-Opening Managers and other specialists…

TOPHOTELPROJECTS makes sure that you have access to relevant contact data from within the core areas: Ownership, Project Execution and Project Operation helping you to pinpoint the decision maker for each hotel project. Backed by our project-specific research service  TOPHOTELLEADS you can go one step further and have us contact a predefined number of project personnel to identify and qualify specific project contacts for you. This contact information will be tailored according to your product /service, assuring the right data, tender and contact information is delivered.

At which project status do you make information available?

We upload projects at all stages – from development through to opening, permanently updating the relevant information. Our search filters make it easy for you to find the projects you are interested in by project status (plus many other search fields). This way you can find projects with the right ‘project maturity level’ to make a timely approach with your service offering.

In which format does TOPHOTELPROJECTS provide the data?

As a subscriber you can access the database and view the data online 24/7 or download your selected files as a CSV, Excel or PDF file.

What are the confirmed benefits of using the TOPHOTELPROJECTS database?

The TOPHOTELPROJECTS specialist research team works full-time on your behalf to deliver the following benefits:


  • Dependable, accurate target data for your sales efforts
  • Massive savings on time, money and effort compared to sourcing the data yourself
  • Helps you to estimate the market more accurately by delivering reliable, up-to-date project information
  • Instant access to contact information of key decision makers
  • A regular volume of reliable, timely sales leads to maximise success in this sector

How do I know I'm getting the best use out of the data provided?

‘Best use’ means accessing the data most valuable to you. You can do this by:

  • Filtering projects according to the criteria that best fits your requirements, such as project status, number of rooms, operator, opening date, participating architects or interior designers etc.
  • Marking those projects that are most relevant and being automatically informed when any of those projects are updated
  • Not missing out when you are away by being able to retrieve all relevant project data and updates that have been entered on the dates you missed
  • Choosing the right format – download the project data as a PDF data sheet file to be forwarded to your sales team and partners.

How will I know that a project has been updated?

You can set up a ‘Notify me’ on any project so all associated updates will be E-mailed directly to you. You can also apply a special filter function to display all project updates since your last login or during any defined period.

How can I obtain a licence to access TOPHOTELPROJECTS?

– Try it for free
– Select the product(s) you want
– Call us now on: +49 4261 41 40 – 0

I cannot work on all these projects at once - can I access a smaller number of projects more specific to my needs?

Yes. Within each geographical package eg EU, EMEA, Americas etc. you can make a specific country or city search and you can filter by project status, opening time etc. so you have a smaller, more targeted project selection.

Backed by our project-specific research service TOPHOTELLEADS you can go one step further and have us contact a predefined number of project personnel to identify and qualify specific project contacts for you. This contact information will be tailored according to your product /service, assuring the right data, tender and contact information is delivered.Contact us for further information

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