Moxy Hotels by Marriott International is among the trendiest in the world. Its growth has been nearly exponential, and it often serves as the perfect example of something all the major hotel chains are interested in accomplishing: Creating a brand name that appeals to millennial travelers by providing unmatched service in properties that are all unique.

Moxy Hotels has already established a firm foothold in the world’s strongest hospitality market: North America. Now, Moxy takes on a the challenge of expanding into the second most vibrant hospitality market on the planet, the Asia Pacific region, which includes the rising markets of China and Australia.

The debut has been made with the opening of Moxy Bandung in Indonesia, the first one in that country. The new Indonesian location is centrally located in the prime district of Dago, where it offers 109 bedrooms that — like all of Moxy’s offerings — are specially designed to be functional, flexible and uncluttered. This hotel features touches such as cozy spaces and a keyless entry, as well as an open-storage concept.

Hotel design has begun to change in order to suit the demands of a new generation of travelers. Features that were standard for older generations, for example large closets, are no longer seen as a priority, or even a necessity for millennial guests – now the most economic influence in the global hospitality market. Visitors won’t find any closet space in the new Moxy location in Indonesia as the peg wall is a fine substitute that creates plenty of flexible space to hang clothes while also looking stylish.

There are however, some luxury features from past to be found in the Indonesian Moxy. These features include comfortable bedding, large flat-screen LCD TVs, complimentary Wi-Fi and plenty of USB ports for visitors to plug in devices. There is also the Lobby Bar, which provides 24/7 access to Moxy’s food and beverage services.

The greatest strength of this new Moxy location however, is the same strength that has made the brand so quick to grow worldwide. The developers have invested in prime, unique real estate that makes guests feel like they are staying in a unique location. At the new Moxy in Indonesia guests will be delighted to find a scenic view of the city of Bandung from the Sky Bar.

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