111 of Asia’s busiest hotel project specifiers attended the 4th HI Design Asia in Bali in November. 80 of the most innovative and determined Supplier companies came out to meet them. Over 2 days and 3 evenings a record 1592 private face-to-face meetings took place. Claims of being ‘the most intensely productive 3 days you can have as a hotel design professional’ start to make sense.

But it’s not just about the meetings. The hotel project people commit time to HI Design because it uniquely delivers on many levels: it brings the right people together. That’s Buyers with live, confirmed projects on their books and Suppliers who are set up to deliver. This creates an outstanding environment where meaningful business can happen. It provides an open and accessible platform where regional collaborations are formed and developed. And it provides a highly detailed regional snapshot of what’s happening and who’s behind it.

Part of this regional knowledge boost is provided in the form of The Hotel Construction Pipeline Report. One of 4 excellent seminar sessions, this special HI Design Pipeline Report sets the scene at the very beginning of the event, providing an access-all-areas look into the most detailed hotel and construction database available. 3 further compelling sessions are delivered over the 2 business days. And as the 234 Asia delegates find themselves better informed, better connected and better equipped to strengthen their positions in the region, we look to the next European event.

HI Design EMEA 2013 (www.hidesign-emea.com) will take place at HOTEL LAS ARENAS, VALENCIA, SPAIN, 9-11 MAY 2013. This will be the 8th HI Design EMEA and it’s standing in the region is firmly established and supported. Now running at capacity with 80 Buyer and 85 Supplier companies, the event gets full earlier every year. Small wonder when you see the attendee lists. And with an almost identical format to its Asian sister event, it is a must-attend for those looking to develop their hotel project prospects in the region.

As the HI Design formula delivers what other ‘similar’ events fail to grasp, a new session is announced for this year: A Supplier-only networking session. Sponsored by Event Partners TOPHOTELPROJECTS this session will give a unique opportunity for a group of the region’s top manufacturers to share ideas, experiences and insight and to forge new friendships with mutual benefits. In an industry where the most enduring results are often founded in the most unlikely partnerships, who knows what potential this exciting new session holds?

For full details on who comes, how it works and what you can expect to achieve, please ask James: [email protected]

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