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More about us

We collect and evaluate data of upcoming hotel construction projects and hotel chains.

Worldwide, from thousands of sources. New, old, correct, incorrect, duplicates, unstructured and incomplete data. Just as you also might find them.

We evaluate and qualify this data.

Long term experience and knowledge of our hotel project experts makes it possible to separate the chaff from the wheat.

We structure and link project information.

A clear picture emerges out of numerous details and is enriched with additional data for you.

We verify project data.

We spend more than 1.000 hours per month to qualify project information by establishing direct contact with decision makers in the fields of investment, planning, architecture, interior design and hotel owners. Confirming for you that the data is correct and complete missing information.

Daily updates and addition of new projects.

All new entries, corrections or changes are done directly in the database online. You can access updated project information immediately.

Always accessible from your PC, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone

What are the benefits for you?

Never miss any project.

Without any additional effort you are always up to date. You can concentrate on your core business and will never miss any project.

Search for projects that match your requirements exactly.

You can easily filter for projects that match your requirements exactly. Focus on the projects that grant you the best chance of winning a contract.

Find a contact directly without extensive search.

Select the contacts relevant to you i.e. the architect, without an extensive search. You can directly see which contacts are available in which projects. No waste of energy with projects that do not include the right contacts – get started immediately!

Automatic email notifications.

Receive automatic emails as soon as we have updated a project or added new contact information. Be the first to know.

You can share important information with your colleagues!

Share interesting projects or contact details directly with your colleagues including a note and a follow-up date. Record your own notes for projects with a follow-up date. Fast, easy and effective.

Save a lot of time and effort!

No more sifting through a variety of information, confusing Excel spreadsheets, emails or notes. Everything is available and up-to-date with a click – anytime, from anywhere.

The Team

Rolf W. Schmidt CEO at TOPHOTELPROJECTS - Global Hotel Data & Analysis
Margrit Tietjen Head of Operations at TOPHOTELPROJECTS – global hotel construction data & analysis
Heiko Staginski Manager IT & Data Quality at TOPHOTELPROJECTS – global hotel construction data & analysis
Julia Grass Marketing & Communication at TOPHOTELPROJECTS - global hotel construction data & analysis
Caroline List Sales Manager International at TOPHOTELPROJECTS - Global Hotels Construction Data & Analysis
Anastasia Kohlmeier Trainee Assistant for Office Management at TOPHOTELPROJECTS - global hotel construction data & analysis
Vanessa Sturm Trainee Marketing and Communication at TOPHOTELPROJECTS -global hotel construction data & analysis
Luisa Klein Hotel Projects Expert Africa at TOPHOTELPROJECTS
Fang Liu Hotel Projects Expert China atTOPHOTELPROJECTS - global hotel construction data & analysis
Susan Forrest Sales Manager: USA and Canada at TOPHOTELPROJECTS-global hotel construction data & analysis
Mechthild Westendorf Hotel Projects Expert EUROPE at TOPHOTELPROJECTS
Petra Ditzen-Blanke Project Manager Brands & Chains at TOPHOTELPROJECTS – global hotel construction data & analysis
Vanessa Menoscal Manager Customer Service & Telesales at TOPHOTELPROJECTS – global hotel construction data & analysis
Luisa Bertolo Hotel Projects Expert Europe at TOPHOTELPROJECTS
Esther Steck Project Manager Major Hotel Groups at TOPHOTELPROJECTS - global hotel construction data & analysis
Anita Schmidt Hotel Projects Expert EMEA
Sylvia Mehner International Business Researcher bei TOPHOTELPROJECTS
Sahar Walizada Hotel Projects Expert America at TOPHOTELPROJECTS - global hotel construction data & analysis
Marina Harms Research Manager at TOPHOTELPROJECTS - global hotel construction data & analysis
Maren Hamelberg -
Hotel Projects Expert
Wencke Behrens Hotel Projects Expert

Tophotel News

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