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“Thank you very much for the comprehensiveness and quality of the data you provide and foremost the outstanding customer service from TOPHOTELPROJECTS. As you know, we are long-time customer and I feel that we still receive the same dedicated customer service that we received day one! ..."


Holger W. Altvater

Head of Hotel Logistics, Kuehne+Nagel Management AG, Switzerland

“TOPHOTELPROJECTS is a great daily support to get our business moving on. The complete information, the good service and the great availability of the all team from TOPHOTELPROJECTS are a very valuable resource for our company. Thank you all!”


Roberta Andrielli

Hospitality Key Account Manager, LEDS-C4 , Spain

“TOPHOTELPROJECTS is very easy to work with. Comprehensive information. Great sales tool!”


Nicholas Cross

International Specification Manager, Villeroy & Boch AG, United Kingdom

“We are really satisfied about the data that TOPHOTELPROJECTS is delivering, and easy to filter. And above all a very accurate after sales service!”


Patrick Versee

Key Account Hospitality Manager Europe, Gerflor Benelux B.V., Netherlands


Never Miss Any Project

Without any additional effort you are always up to date. You can concentrate on your core business and will never miss any project.

Save Time and Effort

No more sifting trough a variety of information, confusing Excel spreadsheets, emails or notes. Everything is available and up-to-date.

E-Mail Notifications

Receive automatic emails as soon as we have updated a project or added new contact information. Be the first to know.

Search Projects

You can easily filter for projects that match your requirements exactly. Focus on the projects that grant you the best chance of winning a contract.

24/7 Access

Information and project details on demand. Our database is available on all devices with an internet connection. No matter where you are in the world.


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Define your target group in seconds

Define your target group in seconds

It happens too frequently these days that an entrepreneur's answer to how he defines his target group is ''Everybody, of course!'', revealing quickly that he hasn't spent much thought on this matter at all. Avoid this mistake by considering who you want to address exactly with your products or services, and how, where and when the greatest benefit can be created for this person. read more
Acquiring B2B business: That’s how you gain plenty of new customers in the hotel industry

Acquiring B2B business: That’s how you gain plenty of new customers in the hotel industry

Many articles and books give advice on the perfect approach, but there are no strict rules that work across industry sectors, for diverse organisations and customers. This article, however, aims to provide a guideline to optimise your course of action and win considerably more new clients. On top of that, we are going to show you how TOPHOTELPROJECTS can help you to structure the process without getting lost in endless research. read more

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